Friday, 17 February 2012

Perspective models

Carrying on from my study of models and studies of Luke Pearson and Kurt Schwitters, I have looked at models that all play with perspective. I have also looked at one, two and three point perspective drawings, this is a type of drawing I have looked at.

This has been quite sucssesful as a new technique and I like this idea. It has started to incorporate Light and changing light into my ideas. This has alot of options for this idea that I belive I can explore more in depth .

Building structures inspired by Luke Pearson and Kurt Schwitters

After looking at work by Luke Pearson I decided to recreate this work in a cardboard structure form. His work has a very strong sense of perspective and over hanging forms create an enclosed coridor feel to the drawings.

This was also inspired by Kurt Schwitters. He was an artist mainly known for his collages however the work that I am intrested in the work where he changed the shape of the interior of his home. He called this the Merzbau. It changes the interior and adds angular edges to the room.
I used Cardboard and masking tape to create the structure. It was like an optical illusion with all sides converging to one point similar to fake corridors in carnival fun houses.

 I have enjoyed building this structure and beleive it is quite in keeping with the studies on Luke Pearson.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Luke Pearson studies

I have recently looked at the work of Luke Pearson, he is a designer and Architect who studied at Bartlett London gaining a masters in architecture. I first seen his work in a book "Architects Sketcbooks" in which he had pages from his sketchbook that resembled a futuristic industrial landscapes.

Pearson uses quick pen and ink washes to create strong structural drawings. His work is very monotonal and is quite unusual to have colour in one of his sketches .

 He uses one point perspective with the all the walls and faces of objects conveginng in at one point on the horizon.

I have tried to recreate the same effect in my own studies. Some including some of my own models.

Below I have used the same idea of one point perspective on our art room cupboard.

I like the drawings and sketches by Luke Pearson and I think i will explore these a bit more.