Tuesday, 18 September 2012

MC Escher's Waterfall

My dad has pointed me to a video on youtube that shows MC Escher's waterfall but actually real and working, which is a pretty impressive feat seen as it is an impossible object. the video is bellow;


If you were to view the illusion from a different angle you would be able to see how it is set up although we are not able to get a different view, it is possible to gain clues fom shadows and lighting to understand how it works. this shap eyed youtuber explains below;

Many thanks to John Boffin fo sending me the link.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Daniel Libeskind to receive LEAF lifetime award

The Polish born, world renowned architect Daniel Libeskind is set to receive The Lifetime acheivment award at the Leaf awards 2012. This is a well deservered award as he has designed many notable structures during his including; Imperial war museum North, the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Museum of Military History Dressden. This Lifetime acheivment award is just one of many that Libeskind has collected over the course of his career. Well done Daniel Libeskind.

Luxembourg and Belguim

I have recently been on a 100 mile hiking expedition with scouts and this gave me a chance to view the architecture of different countries and make comparisons between different regions. We were based in Wiltz in Luxembourg, which was fairly small (around 5000 inhabitants) but very modern. however as we walked out into belguim through the small hamlets and villages that ot many tourists go to the architecture changes to very old and rustic with very few modernist buildings. most residential buildings were made from large farmsteads. it was only until we got to the larger towns that we saw more amenities and modern architecture. pictures will be posted soon.