Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Today's tweaks

Today I have been tweaking different parts the structure this involved:

The Van

I have finally put the van in as I have had some problems which I have already stated in earlier blog posts ( the issue that it fell of the bottom of the canvas due to the perspective). I have changed the composition so it still fits on the canvas.

The Trees

Some of the trees looked like they have been loped as the end rather suddenly. So I have neat end and extended the branches do they come to a natural less abrupt end.

The shop fronts

Some of the shop fronts in the new view were not cut to abide with the perspective so these have been retrimmed.

The clock spire

The clock spire in the new view was very basically drafted out so I have re cut that and added tone.


The lamppost was previously skewed so i have now straightened this using cellulose thinner to remove the old charcoal drawing of it.

The cut edges

The cut edges of the left hand building of the new view were a bit messy so they were taped back out of site.

Adding tone

I have also added more tonal range with white charcoal to add highlights. This is an on going process.

Overall I am still on schedule despite the technical difficulties I have encountered and overcome.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Adding the van

Today I started adding the van to my piece I have had to change the composition in terms of the van as I have previously stated. Getting it the right size is the trick as I need to keep the perspective the same although I am changing the composition.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Grayson Perry social class documentary

The well respected Grayson Perry who my peers and I have visited is to do a three part documentary on the British classes and there differing tastes. The channel 4 documentary "All in the best possible taste" airs on the 5 June at 10pm. See more at channel 4s website http://www.channel4.com/programmes/in-the-best-possible-taste-grayson-perry/episode-guide/series-1/episode-1

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Renzo Piano to build tower in Seol

The South Korean capital is set to get a large makeover spanning 3.4 million Square metres. This a revitalisation of Seols international business district it will boast 20 iconic buildings and will have a 620m skyscraper as its centre piece. This structure will be designed by legendary architect Renzo Piano who has also designed The Shard in London. The concept designs for this development look very interesting with complex shapes, some seemingly to defy gravity.

Friday, 25 May 2012

The work this week

Today involved straightening the vertical lines on the old view. I made a plum bob out of bamboo, string and a roll of tape. This helped keep all my lines straight. Straightening the vertical also in voles re trimming parts of the cardboard. I have also been improving the tonal range by adding white chalk to add highlights.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Today I have continued tweaking my design by using white chalk to add highlights. I have also started to re align some of the windows to make sure that the perspective is all correct as the vertical lines were a bit skewed.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tokyo Skytree the tallest tower

Yesterday the Tokyo Skytree opened to the public, this is the worlds tallest freestanding tower and the second tallest structure to the Burj khalifa in Dubai. Taking 4 years to complete its role involves being a broadcasting mast an observation tower and a resteraunt. The form of the building gives it both beauty and strength starting in a tripod form at the bottom eventually forming a cylindrical form. the white lattice work is lit up at night with LEDs, ensuring it leaves its mark on the tokyo skyline all of the time. at a cost of £321 million i think its money well spent.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Tone in my piece

Today as well as finishing cladding my piece with cardboard I also looked at re applying tone to the ground in my images as I have since found it that the cellulose thinner can remove charcoal pretty well. Previously the ground looked pretty messy however I have now cleaned this away as I can either leave it clean looking or I can reapply a neater and more even tone.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Shard London Bridge the newest landmark

The Shard is London's newest landmark and changing the London skyline. It has been a development that I have been keeping an eye on and interests me a lot. It has recently been topped out and set to be completed this July at a cost of £450 million. It is being designed by world famous architect Renzo Piano.

New techniques have been used to design and construct the Shard, such as the time and money saving method of building upwards as well as putting the sub terranian levels in, which previously would have been done by building the basement levels first.

As well as offering premium office and residential space the Shard will also contain a hotel spa and restaurants. The development also extends outwards to the surrounding community as it will improve the local transport networks by improving the Lonon Bridge rail and tube station as well as adding a museum, Public Piaza, concorse and regeneration of the local housing.

I like the tapering design which its architect Renzo Piano has acieved, was inspired by the railway lines next to the site, the London spires depicted by the Venetian painter Canaletto, and the masts of bygone sailing ships. The tapering design also interests me as it gives the illusion from street view that it is even taller, this links to my work on one point perspective.
The Shard is expected to be opened 5th July. Channel 4 has filmed a documentry about the construction of the Shard.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

University of Lincoln builds on Brayford Pool campus

One of the draws to the University of Lincoln is the ever expanding infrastructure. The most recent plans to get the go ahead is the construction of the Lincoln School of Art and Design on  the Brayford Pool campus. The school of Art and Design previously being isolated from the main campus. The movement of the School of Art and Design will make the university even more compact.

The new art building is expected to be completed next year at a cost of £7 million and will include a seris of classrooms, mac suites, seminar rooms and studios, over 4 storeys.

I'm glad the school of arts are coming together as this encourages intermingling of design students from different practices.

Another proposed development separate but still beneficial to the university is the crossing over the railway that cuts through the heart of Lincoln. The design includes an escalator which will ferry pedestrians across and will supply retail space as well. If the plans are accepted it would be completed in 3 years at a price of £3.8 million.

All this new development makes Lincoln a very exciting place.

Friday, 18 May 2012


Today I have clad most of the old middle part. It is the hardest part as it has the most amount odd shapes. I'm fairly pleased how it has came out so far and I am working to time.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tallest lego tower ever built in South Korea

On Sunday the tallest Lego tower was built outside the Olympic stadium in Soel. The tower measured 31.9 metres high and used 50,000 pieces with help from 4000 children. I love lego and spent hours as a child so this is right up my street.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New RIBA president

Stephen Hodder MBE of Hodder + partners is to be the next RIBA president elect commencing 1st September 2012 ready to start his 2 year term as president in 1st September 2013. His previous work includes the award winning centenary building at the University of Salford. Hodder has stated “As RIBA President, I will bring continuity to the great work already being delivered, from procurement reform to campaigning and cultural programming. I am particularly keen that we do more to promote the importance of collaboration between client, design and delivery teams - an essential partnership that can lead to more successful architecture. Even faced with challenging times, we can achieve so much.”

The old view

Today I have continued work on the old view and have started to stick cardboard raised relief on to the canvas. I have also found out that cellulose thinner offers the best results when trying to get rid of the charcoal stains after testing lots of different types of cleaning agents.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Anish Kapor's orbit Olympic sculpture

The recent completion of the Olympic sculpture has caused some controversy over the aesthetics and cost complaints however the vast majority of the cost was paid by a sponsor Arcelormittal. I think it looks quite fun like a rollercoaster. I also like the scale of the sculpture which also gives it a function of being a viewing platform.

Problem solving

Today I have had a tutorial review which has revealed I am borderline Merritt distinction and has given me thoughts and ideas to improve my work one of them is to document more thoroughly the process of problem solving that I do throughout my project.

These problems were not as noticeable when I was making my smaller scale models but amplifying the scale must of amplified the problems.

The first problem: the white van

Part of the van goes across two panels and then off on to the floor thus running out of canvas to put it on. This I would like to keep the van in the scene as it is a nice contrast to the cart in the older view.

Solution 1: use the floor

Taking inspiration from trompe l'oeil a French initiated movement related to works with visual illusions. I can use card or even parcel paper cut out into a shape that will fill in the missing piece of the van.

This would solve the problem of the image being broken up however it would be visible from both the new and old views.

Solution 2: change the composition

I could for the sake of making it look ok I could change where the van is in the picture to put it into a less difficult part of the scene. This idea is more appealing to me as it does not make it complicated or affect the other view.

Solution 3: remove it

The easiest solution to this would be to remove the van. This is not my preferred method as it removes the contrast of the van and cart in the new and old scenes.

I am currently favouring the second solution as it fulfills both including the van as well as not interfering with the other scene.

Problem 2: proportion and alignment across the board

When drawing the same scene across three different boards the alignment can skew and bend from one edge of the image to the other.

Solution: Composition Alignment Tool

I have used a straight edge close to my eyes to keep the buildings and other objects in line. So far this method has been very effective at solving the problem.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Second view start

I have finished planning the modern view and have now started to plan the old view this should be a bit easier, as I have overcame difficulties from the first view. I have also came up with a solution to keep the drawing in proportion across the frames. This is done by using a long piece cardboard and putting it close to the eyes and lining it up with the drawings on the other panels.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Perspective in my installation

Whilst putting cardboard on multiple panels I noticed it would only be visible and come together at my height. There are a few solutions I want to experiment with, such as placing view finders, installing steps and marking set positions on the floor for different heights. The variable of my audience's height did not occur to me whilst designing my perspective piece, it is however of course a crucial factor, which the success of this piece relies on, I will attempt to rectify this error as best I can.