Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lighting my piece

Now i am nearing the finish i have looked at lighting my piece for the final show. As my piece is essentially an illusion the lighting is very important. To bring these different frames to look like the are on the same plane i need to have equal lighting over the structure.

uneven lighting = differing depth of fields

even lighting = same depth of field

The lighting I use also has to fit in with the lighting needs of the other students exhibiting in the same room as me.

Sioux has stated that she would like hers quite dark in keeping with her theme of liar/ csverns.

Ambers is lighted internally and the whit front and backing reflects the light around and dosnt conflict with my work.

Abby annd Nancy have ther work the oppisite side of the room as well as them not using harsh lighting it does not effect my work. 

In conclussion I have decided that the natural and normal lighting surfice as adding other lights in will cause unwanted shadows.

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