Saturday, 30 April 2016

An Architect's Space

The brief invites us to submit innovative proposals to rethink the workspace of an Architect. To propose projects that address the Architect's Vision of his or her ideal inspiration and working space.
My response to that is more pragmatic. Although it says "ideal inspiration and working space", I believe in most cases that would come later in the lifetime of a practice.
The start up costs and time limitations may put the design of one's own workspace further down on the list of priorities.
I started by looking at the processes within a practice and the necessities in order to design.

After looking at the above practices, I identified equipment and activities that are needed or take place within the practice and then categorised these into whether they are group or solitary acts. 

My next step was to prioritise the  equipment or activities, in terms of whether they were a necessity or a luxury depending on the size of the practice.

Below is a short animation of the spatial studies process.

I used the priorities of space and spatial studies to  create a building envelope that can grow with the business, starting out small, simple and utilitarian progressing to a large, complex and more bespoke building.

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