Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Altered Perceptions

A workshop a few weeks ago looked at art that altered peoples' perceptions, may it be through smashing, covering, burning, wraping, deconstructing and constructing. Other artists that look at the idea of altering other peoples' perceptions includes;

David Nash who is most famous for his burning of his structures that he has built. Below is his 'Pyramid, Sphere and Cube'.

David Nash, Pyramid, Sphere & Cube, 1997-98

Also I have looked at Jeanne-Claude and christo who wrap things in order to alter their images on the small scale like paint cans to the large like the Reichstag in Berlin.


I have tried to follow along the lines of Christo and Jeanne-Claude and wrapping objects up in fabric and tieing them up with string. I saw one of there earlier pieces "wrapped cans" at Tate Liverpool, which fitted in with the theme of altering perceptions by covering. After recreating another still life that is covered with fabric I then drew large pictures of this scene using chalk and charcoal and then paints. This gave me a fairly structural and tonal picture.

Below are a few pictures of some paintings I did of this still life.

I also tried looking at the idea of wrapping with string, this was just a piece of metal and an acorn until I wrapped with string.

This mini project was useful as it helped with my basic observational drawing skills. It also helped to improve my drawing of more complex strucural things, in this case it was folds of fabric around different objects. 

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