Thursday, 24 November 2011

Grayson Perry trip

The 22nd and 23rd of November our art foundation group went to London to look at an exhibition of The turner prize winner,Grayson Perry’s work in the British Museum called The tomb of the unknown craftsmen. The exhibition has many themes such as the idea of a pilgrimage, or people making a pilgrimage to the British Museum. it also looked at the idea of art by people who are unknown and have made beautiful works of art that are made by unknown craftsmen, giving the Exhibition its name The tomb of the unknown craftsmen. These works of art has been very influential to the recent work of Grayson Perry. The other main theme that links with the exhibition is god; the exhibition makes links with other cultures that make reference to god and makes links in his own work to Alan Meazels his own 50 year old Teddy bear that has been hailed as Grayson Perry’s own god by Grayson himself. Afterwards we met up and held a question and answer session with Grayson Perry. As a group we have been independently learning about Grayson Perry and his work, for example we watched the TV show Imagine: The tomb of the unknown craftsmen. This helped us get background Information about Grayson Perry prior to our question and answer session. In the question and answer session we were able to ask Grayson his questions about his current and previous work, as well as giving us advice in art here are some quotes of advice given by Grayson perry:

  • you have to knuckle down and be prepared to put in the hours

  • originality is overated
Here is a link to the programme i watched and helped me learn about Grayson Perry:

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