Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New project - impossible objects

I have recently started a new project to keep busy one of the subjects im looking at is optical illusions. A part of optical illusions is impossible objects these include; The Penrose stairs, The Penrose triangle and The Devils tuning fork.

The Penrose stairs

The Penrose staircase was created in 1959 by father and son, Lionel and Roger Penrose. It was the renowned op artist M C Escher.

Ive had a go at drawing the penrose staitcase and after a few attempts at drawig it I finally managed one that works.

3D sculptures can be created to show a penrose staircase from one viewpoint. This can be seen easily in the film inception.

The Penrose Triangle

The Penrose Triangle was created in 1934 by the sweedish artist Oscar Reutersvard but it was Roger Penrose that has popularised this.

Like the 3d sculptures of the penrose stairs the same would be able to happen with the penrose tiangle. This has been created in Perth Australia on a large scale.

The Devils tuning fork

The devils tuning fork also known as a Blivet. This works by mainly by being linear and long lines. This allows the the viewer to se a rectangular shape with two prongs which then changes to three cylindrical prongs at the opposite end.

Im planning to continue to study op art and illusions in art so i'll keep you posted.

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