Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tompe l'oeil sketchbook size - anamorphosis

Whilst looking on the internet I have found an artist that draws on multiple planes to create a reverspective like image. He is 21 year old, Nagai Hideyuki from Japan. To gain the effect of his artworks jumping out of the paper he employs the technique of anamorphosis. Anamorphic drawings are drawn at a distorted view that it either has to be viewed by special devices or in this case at a certain viewpoint.

Anamorphic art has been around for a while, the most widley known example of anamorphic art is Holbein's The ambasadors. The foreground has a distorted shape but when viewed from an angle it shows a skull.

 Here are some of my own sketches using anamorphosis.

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