Wednesday, 21 September 2011

August 2011 - Egypt

This August I went on holiday to Eygpt. It gave me a chance to see places of historical, architectural and interesting importance. I also took this chance to experiment with our new camera, a Nikon D3100 which gave us better photo quality.   I also experimented with multiple modes and shutter speeds. The ancient ruins I visited on holiday were worn and gave some parts a very battered kind of texture.


When cruising the nile in the first week it gave us a chance to relax and aclimatise to the weather first, it allowed me to capture some interesting photographs.

Also on the top deck it gave me a chance to brush up on drawing quick figure drawing.

When we went hot air ballooning over Luxor it gave us a very unique perspective, birds eye views and large panaoramic cityscapes. A large featue in the city's skyline is the big mosque which is still currently under construction.

The photo which shows the mosque displays the scale it is being built on, dwarfing the surrounding buildings. The scale and boldness of this mosque appeals to me.

This image looks quite funny to me how all the sattelite dishes are scrambling for space upon the rooftops. It also shows other rooftop clutter that is the norm in Egypt.

As well as being nice and hot and the interesting sight seeing trips, it gave me alot of stimuli for my then upcoming Art foundation, it also gave me a great chance to play /experiment with the new camera.

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