Tuesday, 20 September 2011

July 2011 - lyon

My da went on a Buisness trip to lyon, France. Whilst there he took pictures of the local architecture from which I can study and sketch.

I like this image as it has a great sense of depth and tonal range. I also like the sense of perspective as if the Picture draws you in.

In tis photo I like the amount of embelishment that has been put in to the door number sign.

I like the structure and composition of the photo above. It shows the ornate decorations on the butresses of the church.

The photo shows columns soaring up to the very detailed ceiling.

The stairs and doorway is very weathered and gives a very worn textured feel to the image.

I like the composition of the cathedral and the complamentry colours between the off white stone and the blue sky. In all I like the Architecture of Lyon as it is very extravagant and detailed.

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