Monday, 23 January 2012

Material experimenaion

Carrying on from my earlier experimentation with tesselation I decided to look at other materials. I started by choosing The Gherkin it has a very distinctive shape that is easily recognisable as The Gherkin. I decided to use welding wire to form a gherkin shape by bending this wire around wooden discs set at floor heights at which I new the diameters of the floor. These discs were held in place by a long thread. At the bottom the wire was glued into holes and at the top they were threaded through a washer with holes drilled in to allow the wire to be held in place.

I like the effect that this technique gave it shows the inner workings of how it was built. It also alows the light to turn something very simple with the shadows making it even more complex.

Ialso studied using wood to make a scale model of big ben. Using wood glue and board I was able to  cut and sand it to shape. the botom was made of wood that was glued into a box shape, the top was made out of a single block of wood that was cut into a spire like shape.

I am also very pleased with my Big ben clock tower as it is very simple and acurate. The plain wood surface relates to the work of other architects that have made models.

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