Monday, 16 January 2012

Tessellation and Geodesic Domes

Whilst looking at Post modern Architecture, I noticed that there are a lot of curves and domes in structures that were made out of many other joined up shapes. I was intrested in looking at how to replacate these in a smaller scale models. this study took me into different methods of acheiving more asthetically pleasing curved forms.

Many architects have used this method with glass curtain walls above are some examples.


I started off by making curved shapes out of peices of cardboard. I took the idea from the gherkin I later used the triangle idea to create a more spherical shape.

Whilst putting the christmas decorations away I saw a decoration that my mum had made which gave me a way to create another spherical object.

After playing with this idea I decided to make a rhombicosidodecahedron a 62 sided shape to create a more circular shape.

Also looking at grids and tessellation I looked at weavingand how weaving materials could curve planes in multiple directions.

This has been a useful exercise, as material experimentation has shown me the abilities of the material and how I can folf and bend them into shape.

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