Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Today's tweaks

Today I have been tweaking different parts the structure this involved:

The Van

I have finally put the van in as I have had some problems which I have already stated in earlier blog posts ( the issue that it fell of the bottom of the canvas due to the perspective). I have changed the composition so it still fits on the canvas.

The Trees

Some of the trees looked like they have been loped as the end rather suddenly. So I have neat end and extended the branches do they come to a natural less abrupt end.

The shop fronts

Some of the shop fronts in the new view were not cut to abide with the perspective so these have been retrimmed.

The clock spire

The clock spire in the new view was very basically drafted out so I have re cut that and added tone.


The lamppost was previously skewed so i have now straightened this using cellulose thinner to remove the old charcoal drawing of it.

The cut edges

The cut edges of the left hand building of the new view were a bit messy so they were taped back out of site.

Adding tone

I have also added more tonal range with white charcoal to add highlights. This is an on going process.

Overall I am still on schedule despite the technical difficulties I have encountered and overcome.

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