Saturday, 19 May 2012

University of Lincoln builds on Brayford Pool campus

One of the draws to the University of Lincoln is the ever expanding infrastructure. The most recent plans to get the go ahead is the construction of the Lincoln School of Art and Design on  the Brayford Pool campus. The school of Art and Design previously being isolated from the main campus. The movement of the School of Art and Design will make the university even more compact.

The new art building is expected to be completed next year at a cost of £7 million and will include a seris of classrooms, mac suites, seminar rooms and studios, over 4 storeys.

I'm glad the school of arts are coming together as this encourages intermingling of design students from different practices.

Another proposed development separate but still beneficial to the university is the crossing over the railway that cuts through the heart of Lincoln. The design includes an escalator which will ferry pedestrians across and will supply retail space as well. If the plans are accepted it would be completed in 3 years at a price of £3.8 million.

All this new development makes Lincoln a very exciting place.

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